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MOS SAR Swimmer Drysuit
MOS SAR Swimmer Drysuit

MOS SAR Swimmer Drysuit

Search & Rescue Swimmer Drysuit

Featuring captive suspension flex panel, the Maritime Operations (MOS) Search and Rescue (SAR) Drysuit is all about maximum mobility and comfort. Perfect for SAR teams that require surface drysuits which fit a wide range of swimmers with optimal mobility.

2XS, XS, S, SK, M, MK, L, LK, XL, XLK, 2XL, 3XL

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  • Captive Flex Panel around waist for excellent flexibility
  • YKK AQUASEAL™ polyurethane dry zipper
  • 200 denier nylon top with 400 denier nylon bottom
  • MOLLE Plate on each thigh
  • SI TECH Modular System/Seal Lock Technology (SLT)
  • Permanently attached Neck Tite neckring with Polytex bellows neckseal
  • Permanently attached Quick Cuff round wristrings with replaceable Polytex bell shaped wristseals
  • YKK AQUASEAL™ polyurethane convenience zipper
  • 500 Denier nylon overlay on the knees/shins
  • Multi-laminate ProSocks (ideal for use with dive boots)
  • Includes internal suspenders and drysuit bag
  • Choice of SAR, RESCUE, custom patch or 3M reflective armbands
  • Substitute brass for polyurethane zipper
  • Upgrade to the Comfort Boots
  • Add choice of MOLLE Pockets
  • Substitute silicone for Polytex seals
  • 500 denier Polyurethane nylon
  • Polyurethane zipper