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FUSION Tactical Swimmer Drysuit
FUSION Tactical Swimmer Drysuit

FUSION Tactical Swimmer Drysuit

Tactical Swimmer Drysuit

The FUSION Tactical Swimmer Drysuit uses patented Fusion technology to offer the ultimate in mobility, warmth, and streamlining. There is no comparable drysuit that can match the fit and flexibility of this revolutionary design.

How It Works:
The inner DryCore layer is a loose fit shell drysuit incorporating seals, polyurethane dry zipper, air inflation and exhaust valves to create the waterproof barrier. The outer layer is made with durable stretch fabrics. It is attached to the inner layer at the wrists, ankles and dry zipper. This compression layer creates the streamlined, custom like fit, paired with unmatched flexibility and air management.

2XS/XS, S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL, 4XL+

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  • Unmatched flexibility and streamlined design
  • True self donning; front entry style
  • YKK AQUASEAL™ polyurethane dry zipper
  • Waterproof inner DryCore layer
  • 1mm super stretch neoprene outer layer
  • Reinforced high wear areas (elbow/seat/knee/shin)
  • Multi-laminate ProSocks (ideal for use with dive boots)
  • SI TECH Modular System/Seal Lock Technology (SLT)
  • Permanently attached Neck Tite neckring with
  • Polytex bellows neckseal
  • Permanently attached Quick Cuff round wristrings with replaceable Polytex bell shaped wristseals
  • MOLLE Plate on each thigh
  • YKK AQUASEAL™ polyurethane convenience zipper
  • Includes internal suspenders and drysuit bag
  • Substitute brass for polyurethane zipper
  • Substitute AirCore layer for DryCore layer
  • Substitute silicone for Polytex seals
  • Bi-laminate
  • 1mm super stretch neoprene
    Polyurethane zipper